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Your organization has been hijacked by an out-of-control or black hole information technology project.  This IT project threatens your organization's future.  Success depends on your next move. 


You could be hip-deep in a major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project or an Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation.  Perhaps you can’t close your books, post receivables, or retrieve accurate patient data. 


Top-tier technology vendors, consultants and analysts seem to be part of the problem.  You no longer believe what you are told.  The trust in the relationships that seemed so promising has eroded. 


It’s time for a Reality Check! 


Who we help:

CEOs, CFOs, CIOs or other executives responsible for completing a pivotal IT project. We welcome inquiries from Directors, Private Equity holders, Venture Capital and other investors.

When to contact us:

You are in the lifecycle of an IT project.


Your next step:

Schedule a no-cost phone conversation to discuss your situation, options and timing.  Contact Jon directly via the contact link at the top of this page.

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